Egg baked in oven with asparagus, summer truffle, mashed potatoes and matured cheese fondue

Courgette flower stuffed with cottage cheese and chives tartar sauce

Cous cous with mixed vegetables, lime, avocado and sour cream

Squid au gratin with broad bean and orange cream

Parma ham with brioche bread, whipped butter and pickled sweet & sour vegetables

Mixed lake fish with polenta

Fillet tartar with caper water and crunchy red onions

Pan-seared octopus with tomato cream, mint pesto and toasted almonds

Seared scallops and prawns with black olives, aubergines, tarragon and barley salad

Oysters Fines de Claires

Pasta and rice dishes

Risotto with nettles, cheese and smoked duck

Chef’s soup

Thin tagliatelle “Maria Callas” with perch and vegetable stripes

Home-made tagliatelle with crab meat and asparagus

Egg spaghetti with smoked lake sardines, raisins, pine nuts and lemon oil

Pasta made with Cuttlefish ink with sautéed squid, mint and slightly spiced courgettes

Linguine with lobster

Potato gnocchi with monkfish, mozzarella stripes and sautéed broccoli

Ravioli stuffed with veal, Parmesan and almond biscuit, served with melted butter and sage

Home-made thin tagliatelle with black truffle

Meat main courses

Baked suckling pig neck with soy and  red berries

Seared breast of duck with honey and kumquat

Grilled steak with aromatic butter and potatoes au gratin

Grilled lamb chops with liquorice, cucumber and sautéed seasonal vegetables

Glazed veal ossobuco and rice soufflé with saffron

Fillet of beef with Amarone, foie gras and mushrooms

Pigeon with Grand Marnier, stuffed with shitake mushrooms and cheese

Mixed salad

Roast potatoes

Seasonal vegetable

Fish main courses

Lavaret from the lake with marinated red onions, celery, raisins and purple carrots

Lake trout cooked  in olive oil, salad of barley, citron and fermented soy, olive  oil mousse

Salmon in a cashewnut crust, yoghurt and candied  dates

Sturgeon with asparagus and rice wafer

Pan-seared tuna with soy mayonnaise, smoked potato and leek

Wild seabream with guacamole and marinated cherry tomatoes

Mixed fish chowder with toasted bread

Smoked turbot green apple and foie gras

Mixed grill  sea food



Basil scented crème brûlée with strawberry jam

Exotic Chantilly gateau

Tarte Tatin with cinnamon ice-cream

Bitter chocolate half ball glazed with sour cherries

Cheese cake with wild berries

Iced nougat parfait with bitter chocolate sauce and beer jelly

Crème caramel

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla sauce

Cheese selection with pickled candied fruits


Club sandwich with chicken, cheese, salad, bacon, fresh tomato and eggs


Salad Maria Calls with shrimps, papaya, French beans, cucumbers and tuna

Salad Sonia with red chicory, rucola, tomatoes, tofu, champignon olives curry croutons

Children’s menu

Pasta with tomato sauce or meat sauce

Chicken cutlet with French fried potatoes

Beef burger with French fried potatoes