Tasting Menu

Tavernetta Maria Callas classic dishes

Selection of traditional lake fish

Tagliolini Maria Callas with pike sauce

Lavaret with caramelized red onions, cherry tomatoes and basil


Chefs’ choices

Six surprise courses chosen by our chefs to appreciate our cuisine

Wine tasting in combination with the tasting menù


Our selection of raw seafood

Egg baked in oven with asparagus, black truffle, mashed potatoes and cheese fondue

Tempura of courgette flower stuffed with cottage cheese and chives, Lake Garda lemon scented mayonnaise

Roasted breast of duck, honey, orange sauce and Parmesan

Octopus with sweet Paprika, smoked yellow pepper, guacamole

Selection of traditional lake fish

Beef tartare steak, marinated quail egg, capers and anchovy sauce

Pan-fried scallops and prawns, hummus with lime and rocket salad sauce

Pasta and rice dishes

Risotto with scampi, Damascus rose, lime and pea sprouts

Large spaghetti with garlic, oil, chilli pepper, cuttlefish and cuttlefish ink powder

Purple tagliatelle, amberjack, mint, citron

Home-made macaroni, pigeon, parsnip cream and dried figs in portwine

Potato and nettle gnocchi with rabbit sauce

Egg spaghetti with lake sardines, pine nuts and lemon scented bread

Asparagus ravioli, Parmesan cream and saffron

Home-made thin tagliatelle with black truffle

Meat main courses

Suckling pig cooked at low temperature, Teryaki sauce and prunes purée,liquorice

Braised veal cheek cooked with Groppello wine, mashed potatoes

Baked quail, crispy spring onion, bitter liquor zero trenta

Sirloin steak with roasted potatoes (500g)

Mixed salad

Roasted potatoes

Seasonal vegetables

Steamed asparagus

Fish main courses

Lavaret with caramelized red onions, cherry tomatoes and basil

Pan-fried wild seabream, mashed potatoes with thyme, mushrooms

Scorpion fish, Jerusalem artichoke,marjoram and glasswort

Grilled lobster, lukewarm saffron crispy veggie salad



Creamy white chocolate, raspberry and basil

Apple cheese cake, almond crumble, pollen, honey thin biscuit

Craving of chocolate

Hazelnut tartlet, cherry, meringue flambé

Mango and yoghurt bavaroise cream, lemon jelly, timut pepper

Selection of refined and aged cheeses with homemade jams

Children’s menu

Home-made maccaroni with tomato sauce or meat sauce

Chicken cutlet with fried potatoes